Call for Participation (pdf file)


Visible Light Communication (VLC) is a revolutionary communication technology that makes use of visible light from LED lights to carry information wirelessly between devices. As the available bandwidth of the visible light spectrum is much larger than that of the RF spectrum, the problem of wireless bandwidth shortage may be solved in the future. Lights for illumination purposes already exist in many places in our daily life and they can easily serve as the new infrastructure to provide pervasive wireless communications with minimum additional energy consumption and deployment cost. After two years’ international collaboration, ISEP and Tsinghua University will organize the first workshop in the emerging VLC and the related applications. The workshop will be the premier forum for the presentation and exchange of technical advances in the rapidly converging areas of VLC. We aim to bring together local governments, researchers and system developers from academia and industry, working on smart light, to share their research results.


Smart city, Smart light, VLC application, Green communication, 5G, MIMO